Space Technology Students' Society

It was during the early 1600's when man first saw a closer view of the vast expanse of the night sky with the help of a telescope, which was first used by Galileo for the purpose of astronomy in 1609. Since then the secrets of our universe has intrigued mankind and it continues to enthrall the professional and amateur alike.

Journey through space - Exploring Infinity and Beyond !

The most important conclusion that mankind has drawn from all its explorations is that this is just the beginning. New destinations await us, new discoveries have invited us, new planets and galaxies are still waiting there, somewhere, for us to look up and find them. We do not know what is ahead of us, but this is the very reason we must proceed.

In order to assist mankind's journey to discover the unknown, we a group of undergraduates have taken up the task of promoting space enthusiasm among the student community of our country.

All it takes is a few sessions watching, admiring and gazing our sky and your enthusiasm to know more will be automatically hooked up.