Whats Is Spats ? Who Are We ?

We are the Space Technology Student’s Society (better known as spAts), the official student body under Kalpana Chawla Space Technology Cell, which is the contact point of ISRO and IIT Kharagpur. spAts was founded when a diverse group of students sharing a common interest in space science and astronomy came together. It has since been the motto of spAts to spread awareness among the masses about the cosmos and simultaneously enhance our knowledge and understanding of space through activities and fun.

Each individual of our Society has a thirst for knowledge and love being engaged in learning. Some lean towards the best technical stuff, some are interested towards the theoretical side of things, some love astronomy, reading, discussing current events and some love capturing the beauty of the night sky. We learn about stuff by building projects, having loads of discussions, exploring new skills and of course - dedicating towards space.